Each and every project is about building a masterpiece that will be admired today and future generations. 

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For thousands of years, people have been building with stone. It is a strong & beautiful material to work with that stands the test of time. Stone with a wide variety of colors and textures make a great building material that attracts attention from generation to generation.

What we do.

Stone Walls

Boundary Walls:

A stone boundary wall is an ideal way to enhance your property. When building boundary walls for your property we can take care of all aspects. We can supply the stone and build your entrances, 

Estate Walls:

Our eperience in working on heritage buildings has allowed us work on some of Irelands finest estate walls. Our experience allows us to choose the correct stone and mortars used. 

Stone Restoration

With our stone restoration, we try and return the stone to like new condition. While stone is a hard wearing material it can lose its beauty due to accidental damage, high footfall, incorrect cleaning and everyday wear and tear.

We can provide the following cleaning services for your stone.

  • Stone Cleaning
  • Repair chips & cracks
  • Remove Staining
  • Seal stone


In a mondern world, concrete rules in constrcution. Stone bridges are fascinating and beautiful and treasure old methods of construction.
While not always features to build a bridge primarily from stone, dressing with stone can make modern concrete structures things of beauty.

Stone Arches

Stone arches can improve the look of any sturcture. They often become a focal point as people move from one setting to another.