Conservation and Restoration

Since 1999 we have been working on conservation & restoration projects all over Ireland. Our large team and experience has allowed us to work on some of Irelands most prestigious projects.

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Conservation and Restoration

When choosing a team to work on a conservation or restoration project you need a team that has a proven track record in working on similar project. Choosing a team with a proven track record will deliver you a better project and protect the project for future generations.

conservation and restoration

An experienced conservation and restoration team

With a combined experience of over 60 years, our team have the skills required to do the project right the first time. Doing a project right the first time will reduce costs on your project and deliver you a better result.

We can take on all aspect of a restoration project from start to finish.

Cheaper is not always better

You might think your are saving money by choosing a cheaper contractor, the problem is, is the work done correctly.

How to conserve and restore your project.

• Consult with an architect that has experience in working with conservation and restoration.
• Choose a contractor that has a proven track record in conservation and restoration.
• Ask for references, if possible ask to speak directly to the references.
• Ask the contractor to give a detailed breakdown of the methods they will use on your project.

Material Sourcing

As part of the work that we do, we can source a wide range of materials for your project. Through our network of salvage yards, we can source the finest of materials to ensure your conservation or restoration project exceeds your expectations.


Limecrete floors are an ideal option for building restoration or conservation. Limecrete is better for old buildings as it allows the building to breath. Limecrete floors allow moisture to rise and not send the moisture to the walls like what is seen with a concrete floor with a damp proof membrane.


Things to take note of when working with a conservation and restoration builder.

  • Do your research.
  • Focus on quality.
  • Get a clear breakdown of costs.
  • Ask questions if your not sure about pricing or materials to be used.
  • Review the timeline.
  • Get a full understanding of the project.
  • Check all testimonials and speak to previous customers if possible.

Kilahara Castle Conservation

Photos from Kilahara Castle Conservation

Cashel Palace

Ongoing Project at Cashel Palace

Waterford Courthouse

Type of Conservation and Restoration work we do. 

Brick Facade Restoration

Castle Restoration