Stone & Brick Cleaning

Stone and Brick Cleaning is an important step in the restoration process. Cleaning can transform a facade to its former glory. 

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Every cleaning project is different, care must be taken to protect the area been cleaned. When choosing a company to clean your building or project, choose one that understands the building, materials used in the building construction and has the equipment to clean without damaging the fabric of the building been cleaned. 

Incorrect cleaning can cause irreparable damage!

Restoration and conservation projects can be costly. Incorrect cleaning methods while they may seem as cheaper alternative can damage the building fabric. Such damage can lead to unnessary extra cost or totally destroy the fabric.

Pressure washer will remove it!!

You might think that a standard pressure washer can be used. However a pressure washer due to the way it operates can acutally do more damage that good to the fabric been cleaned.

2 Proven Methods to clean Stone and Brickwork

Doff Cleaning

Doff cleaning can be used to remove flexible paints, graffiti, algae and moss. Doff Cleaning Systems use heat to clean. It does this by heating the water to 150 degrees at the point of exit from the sytem. This high heat system is ideal as it doesn’t gentle on the underlying surface as the water pressure is low and it uses a low volume of water. 

Because of the high temp, it is ideal for removing biological spores which reduces the requirement for chemicals and reduces future biological growth.

Torc Cleaning Ireland

Our Torc cleaning system is ideal for the removal of carbon sulphation, brittle paints and limescale. 

The Torc system is a low pressure cleaning system that uses inert granules, water and specific heads that create a swirling vortex to clean the stone or brickwork.  

The system comes with multiple nozzles depending of the type of surface that needs to be cleaned. The larger nozzles for large areas and the smalller nozzles for more intricate areas.

Certified Doff & Torc Cleaners in Ireland

We are proud is be Rosette Certified Doff and Torc cleaners in Ireland. This certification allows us to work on some of the leading project in Ireland. 

Our Rosette certification ensures we are fully trained to use the equipment and that our machinery is fully serviced to the highest standards.  

Before Cleaning is Started.

  • Analyse the materials used in the construction.
  • Note their condition and any areas of concern
  • Analyse what you are trying to remove. Paint, XXX, XXX, XX
  •  Perform a test clean.